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Adelaide’s Complete Landscaping Specialists!

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Adelaide’s Complete Landscaping Specialists!

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Concreting is one of our best-selling services. Our extensively experienced team is highly skilled at all kinds of concreting projects, both big and small.

While it might look simple, there are a lot of elements to your concreting job that can go wrong. You might know that you can’t pour concrete onto wet ground. But you might not realise that the best concreting jobs have been well-prepared, and have great foundations. Properly laid base work can make the difference between a lifetime of great use.

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Great concrete relies on a great foundation
Concreting base work is prepared and compacted to provide a solid base. It makes sure that your concrete has a consistent thickness when being placed and helps to prevent cracking.

With Active Stormwater and Landscaping, once the rubble is compacted, we build in a layer of mesh. The mesh is kept up off the rubble by supports known as ‘chairs’. The gap between the rubble and the mesh ensures that your concrete has enough structure to withstand any shifting in the surface below. The mesh serves to reinforce the concrete; and without the support of ‘chairs’, you may as well pour the concrete directly onto the ground.

Without a properly supported base, with a floating mesh layer, your concrete has a greater risk of cracking. Building standards insist that these foundations are laid properly, so you need to make sure that you use a concreter who does what they’re supposed to.

Active Stormwater and Landscaping provides consistent quality concrete installations by following the same process every time!

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To joint or not to joint?
Sometimes, concrete can’t be laid all in one stage because it is more likely to crack. This is where controlled joints come in. Structured joints through your concrete are places at which any future cracks are more likely to take place. When controlled joints are put into your concrete, it makes the remaining concrete less likely to crack across the surface.

When you think about your concrete job, consider the logistics of its pour. If you have an L-shaped pergola, it might not be possible to pour it without adding controlled joints. Our experienced team will work with you to determine the best way to get a fabulous-looking, high quality concrete installation.

Exposed aggregate is our specialty
Very popular right now is a type of concreting known as exposed aggregate. A more complicated job than a straight pour, exposed aggregate concreting exposes the top layer of the concrete, revealing the aggregate in the mix to be seen.

The Active Stormwater & Landscaping concreting team is highly experienced in pouring and finishing exposed aggregate concrete jobs. A more complicated job than a straight pour, exposed aggregate concreting requires a chemical to be added to the surface. We will work with you to make sure that your exposed aggregate is placed and finished to a high consistent standard.

Talk to us today about how you can add exposed aggregate concrete to your landscape.

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Concreting services

  •   Plain concrete
  •   Coloured concrete (large range to choose from)
  •   Exposed aggregate
  •   Concrete seeding
  •   Concrete grinding
  •   Concrete invert
  •   Kerb and water table
  •   Shed slabs
  •   Al fresco entertainment areas
  •   … and more. Please contact us for more information.

Professional concreting from start to finish

With Active Stormwater & Landscaping, you can expect:

  • Earthmoving to be completed by our team
  • Great foundations. Once we have earthmoved the area, we begin the process of slab damp proofing. This is followed by base work, and concrete reinforcing (mesh & chair supports, as well as expansion foam)
  • A high quality pour, and sealing if appropriate
  • Control joints in all exposed aggregate concreting, cut with a diamond saw
  • Sealing of concrete to protect it and enhance its appearance. It is especially recommended on all coloured and exposed aggregate concrete.

Concreting may not be your only option
Many of our customers come to us asking for quotes on both paving and concreting, and we’re happy to provide both. And we can guide you as to the best outcome for your budget, your vision, and what kind of use for which your area is destined. That’s why we will come out to you before we give you a firm quote: It’s possible that what you’ve envisioned may not be the only way.

Concreting as part of a complete landscaping package
When you purchase a complete package, it makes your project easier, simpler, and more controllable. With a single team, quality-focused team you will get the best workmanship possible. Your concreting job can be part of a larger, more comprehensive service that delivers quality for your entire landscape.

Complete landscaping packages give you:

  1. A simple process, for your complete landscaping & outdoor solutions
  2. Easy handling, because project management is centralised and handled by an experienced, quality-focused team
  3. Visibility, with complete view of all timelines and outcomes
  4. Transparency over all costs
  5. Consistency of service and quality across every part of your project.

Four easy steps to your dream landscape:

Step 1

Contact us to find out the best way for us to help you. Our friendly staff are there to assist you!

Step 2

Send us a copy of your site floor plan and drainage plan - This will help us understand your property before we visit.

Step 3

Site visit, measure and examination. Discuss your options, preferences and budgets.

Step 4

Customised quotation to fit your specific needs. We provide further information on the process.

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