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Adelaide’s Complete Landscaping Specialists!

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Earthmoving & Soil Removal

Active Stormwater and Landscaping have bobcats, excavators, truck and trailer, mini trucks, mini excavators and mini loaders.

Earthmoving and soil removal is required on all sites to prepare for concreting, paving, retaining walls and landscaping. Being completed at the first stage will stop machinery having to be driven over concrete paving later. Ask Us how Earthmoving is effected on your job!

Landscaping can often involve large soil volumes
Any landscaping project can involve very large soil volumes. Any landscaping project can involve the removal of large soil volumes. From the excavation of soil in preparation for retaining, to landscaping for lawn and garden beds, the amount of dirt to move can be surprising.

What sort of projects require earthmoving and soil removal?
All landscaping services require some kind of earthmoving and soil removal to take place. Anything that requires foundations to be laid - like paving and concreting - will involve some kind of earthmoving work.

Retaining walls require benching to certain heights and boundaries. We use laser levels to create bench heights and remove any excess soil off site

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Our service, our machinery
Here at Active Stormwater & Landscaping, we provide all machinery required for earthmoving and soil work. Because we bring our own machinery with us, it reduces your overall costs.

Do all your earthmoving before your stormwater
Many people have stormwater done as one of the first things when moving into a new property. But if your stormwater isn’t deep enough, it will need to be redone if you choose to have your property landscaped later. That’s why we complete earthmoving and soil removal as the first part of every job that we do. It’s why we recommend that your first job is earthmoving. Earthmoving involves the excavation of soil to a certain depth below damp course, to prepare for concrete or paving. Contact us now to find out what this might mean for your property.

Earthmoving & soil removal services

  •   All jobs: Nothing too big or too small
  •   Block clearing
  •   Site cuts
  •   Trenching
  •   Soil removal after footing excavation
  •   Bobcat, excavator and tipper services
  •   Tight access earthmoving
  •   Laser Level
  •   Bobcat and Excavator and tipper hire
  •   Truck and trailer cartage hire
  •   Supply of quarry and loam materials (BULK)

Earthmoving & soil removal as part of a complete landscaping package
When you purchase a complete landscaping package, it makes your project easier, simpler, and more controllable. With a single, quality-focused team you will get the best workmanship possible. Your earthworks can be part of a larger, more comprehensive service that delivers quality throughout your entire landscape.

Complete landscaping packages give you:

  1. A simple process, for your complete landscaping & outdoor solutions
  2. Easy handling, because project management is centralised and handled by an experienced, quality-focused team
  3. Visibility, with complete view of all timelines and outcomes
  4. Transparency over all costs
  5. Consistency of service and quality across every part of your project.

Four easy steps to your dream landscape:

Step 1

Contact us to find out the best way for us to help you. Our friendly staff are there to assist you!

Step 2

Send us a copy of your site floor plan and drainage plan - This will help us understand your property before we visit.

Step 3

Site visit, measure and examination. Discuss your options, preferences and budgets.

Step 4

Customised quotation to fit your specific needs. We provide further information on the process.

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