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Adelaide’s Complete Landscaping Specialists!

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Adelaide’s Complete Landscaping Specialists!

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Do you need a retaining wall built on the boundary? Do you want or need a retaining wall to complete your landscape design? At Active Stormwater & Landscaping we build and retain:

  • Concrete sleeper retaining walls
  • Moss rock retaining walls
  • Block and cap retaining walls
  • Structural textured retaining walls.
  • Limestone Block walls

Our team is licensed to build retaining walls of any height. Certain walls will need council approval and engineering.

Concrete sleeper retaining walls
Concrete sleepers are an attractive and cost-effective way of creating beautiful retaining walls. Coming in all types of styles and patterns, concrete sleepers give you reliability and strength, without the worry of pests like termites. Many concrete sleepers now come in finishes that look like elaborate stone work, but without the significant price tag.

At Active Stormwater & Landscaping, we can advise you on the best type of concrete sleeper to create your landscape vision. Contact us to find out more about concrete sleeper retaining walls.

Moss rock retaining walls
Less formal than concrete sleepers, moss rock retaining walls are built from individual rocks. These walls bring the beauty of the natural landscape into your garden, and when well built become features that you will love long into the future. From a sandstone moss rock retaining walls are ideal for simple, natural landscapes where moss is encouraged to grow over the rock.

Our team can advise on the best way to introduce a moss rock retaining wall into your landscape. Contact us now to find out more about these kinds of retaining walls.

Block and cap retaining walls
Our team will make sure that your block and cap retaining wall has a concrete footing, so your wall is secured & movement is minimised - this stops the wall from sinking.

Because they are built from stackable blocks, these retaining walls are flexible to the shape of your landscape, can be built around water features, and the blocks can be matched to your paving. To find out more about the types of block retaining walls we can help you build, get in touch.

Structural textured retaining walls
Also known as rendered retaining walls. These walls are constructed from solid brick, and are textured with render. One of the benefits of render is that it can be coloured to match your landscape or your property. Or, you can turn it into a feature.

Our structured textured retaining walls all have a modern stylish finish, and our signature high quality. Contact us for expert advice and installation.

Retaining walls as part of a complete landscaping package
When you purchase a complete package, it makes your project easier, simpler, and more controllable. With a single team, quality-focused team you will get the best workmanship possible. Your retaining wall can be part of a larger, more comprehensive service that delivers quality and consistency for your entire landscape.

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Complete landscaping packages give you:

  1. A simple process, for your complete landscaping & outdoor solutions
  2. Easy handling, because project management is centralised and handled by an experienced, quality-focused team
  3. Visibility, with complete view of all timelines and outcomes
  4. Transparency over all costs
  5. Consistency of service and quality across every part of your project.

Four easy steps to your dream landscape:

Step 1

Contact us to find out the best way for us to help you. Our friendly staff are there to assist you!

Step 2

Send us a copy of your site floor plan and drainage plan - This will help us understand your property before we visit.

Step 3

Site visit, measure and examination. Discuss your options, preferences and budgets.

Step 4

Customised quotation to fit your specific needs. We provide further information on the process.

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