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Stormwater & Rainwater Tank Installation

When Stormwater is properly installed (as per engineer’s report), it directs surface water and roof water to drain away effectively. Without it being installed properly, you can have water damage to footings and water going onto neighbouring properties.

With years of experience in stormwater & rainwater tank installation, our dedicated stormwater team will make sure that your stormwater & rainwater tank system is exactly what you need. Choose from a range of rainwater tanks from our preferred supplier, available in a variety of colours to suit your home and installed by our licensed plumbers.

Stormwater can affect other parts of your landscape
Did you know that the depth of your stormwater can affect whether your concreting or paving can take place? It’s often a spot where people try to save money. If you put stormwater in but it’s not deep enough, it will need to be redone before any other work (like concreting) can take place.

Surface water drains located in positions to allow cross-falls in concrete paving to capture water run-off

This is why many customers prefer us to handle the stormwater installation that is completed ahead of other jobs that we are also doing.

Stormwater & Rainwater Tank services

  •   Stormwater system tested before concrete and paving installed.
  •   Reactive soil conditions require expansion fittings on base down
    pipes to allow for movement in the system.
  •   Sealed system pipes to RWT to capture roof water run off
  •   Sealed systems to rainwater tanks
  •   Rainwater tank installation
  •   Dry systems with graded fall
  •   Sump pump systems
  •   Drains for surface water
  •   Tight access trenching
  •   Completed to engineers’ plans
  •   Completed to high standards, with laser level equipment to ensure
    consistent fall.

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Stormwater installation as part of a complete landscaping package
When you purchase a complete package, it makes your project easier, simpler, and more controllable. With a single team, quality-focused team you will get the best workmanship possible. & rainwater tank installation is done right from start to finish, and with the quality workmanship you expect for your entire landscape.

Complete landscaping packages give you:

  1. A simple process, for your complete landscaping & outdoor solutions
  2. Easy handling, because project management is centralised and handled by an experienced, quality-focused team
  3. Visibility, with complete view of all timelines and outcomes
  4. Transparency over all costs
  5. Consistency of service and quality across every part of your project.

Four easy steps to your dream landscape:

Step 1

Contact us to find out the best way for us to help you. Our friendly staff are there to assist you!

Step 2

Send us a copy of your site floor plan and drainage plan - This will help us understand your property before we visit.

Step 3

Site visit, measure and examination. Discuss your options, preferences and budgets.

Step 4

Customised quotation to fit your specific needs. We provide further information on the process.

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